Already the category leader, we sought to give Kleenex an emotional edge by celebrating all things sad and sobworthy.


Still to come:

Angsty Mime: Raised in a rigid family of clowns, a young man risks everything to become a mime.

Ornithophile: A bird-obsessed truck driver hits an unlikely victim... (it’s a bird. The victim is a bird).

Alcoholic Werewolf: Just another sad, lycanthropic mid-life crisis.

Robo-Teen: Robo-acne. Robo-guitar riffs. Robo-heartbreak.

Existential Cop: Mid-interrogation, a police officer wonders what life is really all about.

A Very Nice Flower: Don’t be deceived by the name; this is a very sad story about a very nice flower

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Copywriter: Paul Monk

Art Director: Evan Kirby

Content Creator: Katie Baker