Dominican Republic- Sunshine Heroes Foundation

Last week I had the opportunity to go on an expedition with Sunshine Heroes Foundation to the Dominican Republic. Learn more at https://www.spreadsunshine.org/past_projects/dominican-2016/

Provo Canyon

Fall in Utah doesn't last long so we spent a few hours up Provo Canyon last week. 

Portraits: Brittany

Portrait shoot up provo canyon with @brittanyeestrada


A black & white look at last weeks Lake Powell trip. 

Home of the Free, Land of the Skates

4th of July weekend was full of Fireworks and roller skates. 


Downtown Provo portraits. 


This week I took a spin around the block with a few friends of mine who just bought a '68 VW bug named Vyla. Follow @ThePhotogenicBug on Instagram to learn more about her! 

First Things First

Hey! You've made it to my website. Whether you are here by accident or not, welcome! First things first, introductions. My name is Evan Kirby. I've lived in Utah most of my life and I study at Brigham Young University. I've been interested in photography since I was younger but started taking photos seriously last year. My main interest is landscape but I also take portraits. If you are interested in collaborating, letting me take your picture, or just coming with me to the mountains with me to shoot, send me an email & let's make it happen.